Get 10% Back

Get 10% back and save on future travel!

AMBA offers you extra rewards as part of your membership. Get an online booking solution for last minute hotel needs and earn 10% back on your room charges* for use on future travel either with VEI or with one of our travel partners. It’s just that easy!

How does it work?
*Book your hotel stay with VEI and get:
$100 booking x 10% = $10 credit
$200 booking x 10% = $20 credit
$500 booking x 10% = $50 credit
Keep booking and keep getting credits...
you could even earn enough a free vacation!

Collect your credits, gift them or redeem them to get that vacation you've been dreaming of. No registration required, no restrictions placed on your choices of future travel... they are your credits available to you whenever you want to redeem them. For people who love to travel, this is a simple and easy way to get rewards.

How do I redeem my credits?
It's easy, we just need the email address that you used to purchase the travel and the confirmation number or Hotel name/Check-in date of your VEI, Apple Vacations or Funjet hotel booking(s). Use the form on the right to submit your request and we'll confirm the credit amount and send you a check by mail.

What can I redeem them for?

Choose to redeem your credits on any one of the thousands of vacations available from our travel partners, VEI, Apple Vacations or Funjet. Also, your credits don’t expire as long as you book at least once every 24 months!

*The actual future travel credit of 10% will be based upon the amounts paid for Room Charges and excluding Applicable Taxes and Fees. Credit is based upon actual travel utilized, in other words if you cancel or no show and aren’t eligible for a refund, you will forfeit the credit. Otherwise, your credit will be available for redemption 4 to 6 weeks following last date of travel (4-6 weeks allows for processing of credit).

Redeem Credits